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Maulidur Rasul
12 February 2011 ? 0 Lovey Dovey ?
salam n hye..

juz got back from Maulidur Rasul event at school..
it's tiring but i'm still okay..

i participated in PERARAKAN MAULIDUR RASUL..
i was one of the PBSM's members..
not only PBSM, but also others joined the event..
we walked to SURAU AL-MAWADDAH together..
we recited the SELAWAT as we walked..
we really enjoyed our day there..

and juz wanna say..
i've got a good feeling since this morning..
didn't know why..
but i did hope that something good would happened to us..

and the best thing is..

PBSM won the competition..!!

we won 3 awards..

seriously, i've never thought of that..
we're kinda shocked as we heard the result..
i almost cried..
Allah granted us.. :)

btw, congratulations to PBSM's members..!!
i really appreciate your coorperation..
keep on reciting your SELAWAT..
may Allah grants us more..
InsyaAllah.. ;)

salam n goodbye.. :)

Thanks for reading :)

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